Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Time Marches on

Spring is popping up all over. The tulips are blooming, trees are budding everywhere. It's just not very warm! I'm having fun playing with the camera.

Mother Nature likes to play April Fool's tricks on us. When I woke up this morning, I thought it looked sunny and warm outside. It's cold and windy instead -- and I have the heat turned on.

We've launched insideshotphotos.com -- and are adding new photos all the time. I'm still learning the camera settings as I go along. Taking action photos in a poorly lit gym is not easy. I find that I often have to sacrifice either speed OR light, so I end up with dark & sharp or well-lit & blurry photos. Trial & error seems to be the best teacher so far. That and a new PhotoShop book I bought last week (and have yet to crack open). I am going to try shooting in RAW format this weekend and then seeing if I can "fix" the lighting in PhotoShop. Not sure what I am doing, but it should be interesting.

Tomorrow's April Fool's Day. I hope nobody pulls a dirty trick on me. I honestly don't think anyone could top Brenda's "twins" trick from 2008 though!

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