Monday, June 9, 2008

RIP, Sophie

I lost another pet today.

Sophie, the super kitty, was only 4. She was a sweetheart, loved to snuggle, eat, play outside, and chase Kona. She didn't like rain or Baxter. Now she's up at the Rainbow Bridge, playing with Kona again.

I returned to Oklahoma City to find her on my outdoor patio & in bad shape. I brought her inside, out of the heat & humidity, tried to get her to eat or drink something, anything. No go.

It turned out to be Bobcat Fever, which is incurable.

So, sweet dreams, Sophie.


Brenda O said...

oh, Lisa, I am SO sorry! :-( My heart goes out to you. How sad, poor little kitty! So, so, sorry. You loved her a lot while she was here......

Brandi said...

Hi Lisa,

Sorry about Sophie. This is my first visit to your blog site. It is soooo cool. I may just have to join the club!
Beverly and I just finished the BIG wedding and I must say it went over very well! It was late nights and hard work but it was fun. Lets get together soon-I still owe you a massage......or cash I guess....See you down stream!! xxOO-Brandi